published: 17 February 2013
  starring: Rio Lee
  What She Wants is a series featuring five assertive woman who use their positions of power and influence to indulge in their love of sex with younger men. Seeking the satisfaction that they can only get from energetic young studs.
  duration: 21 minutes
  number of photos: 98
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What She Wants Scene 1series - What She Wantsstarring - Rio Lee
What She Wants Scene 2series - What She Wantsstarring - Karina Currie
What She Wants Scene 3series - What She Wantsstarring - Tia Layne
What She Wants Scene 4series - What She Wantsstarring - Aaliyah Ca Pelle
What She Wants Scene 5series - What She Wantsstarring - Tara Blows
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